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The Team

Story About Our Team

The Team @ Oasis Solicitors

Olawale Adisa coming soon

Olawale Adisa


Olawale Adisa, a practising solicitor @ Oasis Solicitors with over 15 years post-qualification experience. Specialising in Immigration Law and regularly appears in the First-tier and Upper Tribunal all over England & Wales

Bunmi Alafifuni

Bunmi Alafifuni


Bunmi Alafifuni, a practising Solicitor @ Oasis Solicitors with over 9 years’ post-qualification experience. Specialising in Property, Employment, Wills, Contract and Civil Litigation.

Providing team value @ a great price



Grade A – Solicitors or Fellow of CILEX over 8 years’ qualified experience


Grade B – Solicitors or Legal Executives (CILEX) over 4 years’ qualified experience and Costs Lawyers who are suitably qualified, and subject to regulation, depending on the complexity of the work


Grade C – Other qualified Solicitors or Legal Executive and Costs Lawyers who are suitably qualified, and subject to regulation, depending on the complexity of the work


Grade D – Trainee Solicitors, paralegals or equivalent


The current hourly rates set out above are based on the UK Government Solicitors’ Guideline Hourly Rate – London Grade 3 – Guidelines

Note: This rates rarely applies in a conveyancing transaction, but where it would, we would advise you at the beginning of your transaction. The solicitor that currently deals with conveyancing transaction is in Grade A.

Team - Experience, Quality & Trust

We consider every case on their merits and no one case is the same. This means we have to work collaboratively with each client to ensure the best possible outcome is accomplished. Teamwork is therefore at the core of how we work.

Our Process

1. Planning The Case

Meet & Discuss

When you instruct us or are thinking of instructing us, we will take detailed instructions from you about your matter. This would usually involve us arranging a meeting with you. Traditionally, this would be by way of a meeting at our office as this gives you an opportunity to meet the solicitor that will be handling your matter and it also gives us an opportunity to meet with you. In the current climate where we are all required to do our best to stay alert and safe, we will be able to take some information from you by telephone or email and arrange a virtual meeting. Where it is necessary for us to physically see you, we will arrange to meet with you at our office while observing social distancing.


We will also often require you to provide us with documentation dealing with the subject matter of your case.
For most matters, it is imperative to have a document trail. Where for instance you are thinking of challenging a term of a contract, it will be essential for you to have some documents showing what discussions were had before the contract was signed. If you are short on documentation, do not worry, it is part of our job to plan your matter and come up with a strategy on how the work will be undertaken.

2. Evaluate Situation

Considering all angles

Once we have taken your instructions, we will evaluate the matter. At this stage, we will advise you of how we believe the matter should be progressed. Sometimes, our clients approach us believing their matter should be undertaken in a prescribed way.

Often, this is where we add value to our clients’ matters. For our work is not just to take your instructions but to discuss various angles and raise questions that may throw up other salient points. Our discussion with you will be geared towards creating a robust strategy on taking your matter forward. This is where we share our experiences with you and discuss other possible options to help you consider your matter again in the round and help us develop a strategy to take your matter forward.

3. Progressing your Matter


Once we have evaluated and agreed the way to move the matter forward with you, then we are ready to progress the case. This might involve writing a Pre-action Letter to a potential in a litigation matter, or a first letter to the other side in a transactional matter, requesting information from a third party, drafting a response to a correspondence you have received, filling an application at court or tribunal, instructing a third party professional such as a surveyor to physically assess a property or whatever it is that your matter requires.

At this stage, we will be putting forward our best effort into representing you.


As your matter progresses, there will be several opportunities for us to carry you along. We do this by way of telephone calls, emails, letters or whatever means you have advised us is the best way for us to reach you. This is where we hope that our professionalism and client care will shine through. This can be a long process in some matters and may mean that we require further information or documentation from you.

During this period, we will continue to plan and strategize with you until your matter comes to a proper conclusion.

4. Conclusion


Once your matter is concluded, we will discuss the outcome with you. Many times, this would mean that a settlement has been reached, the house has been purchased or sold, the papers have been granted, a decision or order has been received from court, the contract signed, the Will prepared or whatever else it is we have been doing on your behalf. Many times, that would be the end of it. At other times, it is a prelude to something else you want to do or should consider doing.

Wherever your matter lies, at the end of your case, we will review whether we have been able to achieve what we set out to do and if that has not been possible why. We will then advise you accordingly. We will also ask you to please provide us with a feedback so that we can review and learn from your view of how we have served you.

Support Team

The team is geared up to support you every step of the way and through your case.